Dragons Gone Wild!

In the Drunk Tank
Poor, poor Alton.

School’s out for summer! Bob, Faith and Merisiel are out in the town of Star City to enjoy the few weeks of freedom they’re afforded before it’s time to help their families with harvest.

Unfortunately, Star City doesn’t have much to offer. Bob thought the group should go get into some mischief with the cattle. Merisiel snuck a bucket from the barn while Bob calmed a cow, but his natural curiosity was too much… Bob had always wanted a pony. After a very misguided and traumatic cow-riding experience, Merisiel returned from the barn with a bucket. They milked a different cow.

Bob noticed something strange while the cow was being milked by Faith and Merisiel. His mind wandered to magical pursuits, and he was sure that he could feel a magical aura in the area. The group packed up their milk and followed Bob’s lead to the apple orchard next door.

In the apple orchard, Merisiel saw, and took quite the hit to the nose from, one of the strangest creatures she’s ever encountered: a goblin! It attacked them, but they defended themselves most capably. Bob continued to follow his magical aura to the door of the orchard farmhouse, where Alton lives.

Alton opened the door and Bob was suspicious of what he said, so Bob splashed him with the milk and ran into the apple cider cellar with Faith and Merisiel not far behind. They encountered some goblins in the second keg room, and in the farthest keg room they found a very small, very tipsy green dragon.

They knew they would not want to harm the dragon, so they sought to make a deal with it – but the dragon was elusive. Finally, they found it hiding in the bottom of a vat filled with apple cider,a bit smug. Faith cast ray of frost on the vat to freeze the cider on top, and Bob thought he might lure it up with a dragon’s favourite thing: treasure! He was right, and the dragon burst through the layer of ice to grab the gold pieces.

Full of cider and treasure, the dragon was quite friendly. Bob did what seemed logical: He challenged it to a drinking contest. Luckily, Bob won! The cider cellar was free of threats and Bob had an unconscious dragon.


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